About Us


From waking up to freshly fallen snow on Pikes Peak or staring up at the awesome prowess of Garden of the Gods, living in Colorado we can't help but be inspired by the sheer beauty that is the nature surrounding us. And we want to give back to it. We believe in creating a better, more sustainable product that considers the consequences. We are looking into the future, and, if we do say so ourselves, we look good doing it.

www.BambooandWool.com is a US veteran owned and operated company out of Colorado Springs, CO that is fighting the man-made, artificial, cancerous, and chemically harmful materials and products that are crowding the market today with our natural, eco-friendly bamboo and wood sunglasses.

Our products include men and women’s bamboo, redwood, sandalwood, skateboard wood, and walnut wood sunglasses. But just because we focus on offering a better alternative for the environment, we haven't forgotten the style. With many different stylish options, we guarantee we have what will look best on you and our world!

We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, and through hard work, determination, and with the loyalty of our customers, BambooAndWool.com has become one of the most successful and trusted bamboo and wood sunglasses providers. Our promise to you is to provide sustainable, allergy-free and eco-friendly items, and to ensure consumers are getting a 100% safe and natural product every time with the most helpful customer service available. So come join us in putting the style in a green lifestyle!

Contact us:

Phone: (719) 286-3515

Email: BambooandWool@gmail.com

Write to us: 8252 Cypress Wood Dr., Colorado Springs, CO, 80927