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  • 3 Keys To Building Your Perfect Summer Wardrobe

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    Why does it always seem so much harder to build a summer wardrobe? Maybe because you have to trade in your go-to jeans? The infinitely less material? Or the lack of 'throw on a hoodie' option? Could be all of the above. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself sweating putting together your wardrobe this time of year, don't!

    It may not be the same as the  'fit's like a glove-dress up or down' jeans, but with a few guidelines to follow, you can still achieve that ease and confidence! So get ready to shop, because by paying attention to these 3 keys to building your perfect summer wardrobe, the only reason you'll be sweating is from living it up in the sunshine!

    1. It is essential to stock up on essentials!

    Having a strong base to your wardrobe of classic pieces gives you something to build on. Your first mission should be to find some plain, great fitting tees and tanks that work for your body type in multiple colors. When selecting them, cotton is the material of choice, as it will breathe and keep you cool. For tees, a V-neck is always flattering and good for layering. And keep them a bit longer than you might think to keep it from riding, or potentially shrinking, up on you.

    Your next mission- get your base of shorts. Find 1 pair of denim, 1 pair of black, and 1 pair of white. Remember, classic cuts and plain design.

    Now, you have your foundation, and you can fill in with statement pieces. Find some fun shirts with interesting details or fabrics, and shorts or skirts that standout. Then it's time to mix-and-match! You should have the perfect pieces to combine to make several awesome outfits!

    1. Fit, fit, fit!

    Making sure your choices fit you correctly is crucial! With less fabric to work with, the fit is not always universal, and the room for error is much smaller.  So, here's the important part- try things on! Even if you hate the fitting room lighting, don't we all, you always gotta try your options on. When your clothes fit right, you'll be more comfortable and confident! (told you we would get you there!)

    1. Accessorize!

    Now that your closet is full of sweet summer clothes, take it to the next level with your accessories. Find bright and colorful necklaces, bracelets, or anklets so you can bring the summery vibe to every outfit. Branch out with some interesting sandals with beads or a strappy gladiator. Finally, snag a pair of  awesome, unique sunglasses like our polarized, handmade bamboo sunglasses, it will be the final touch to take your summer wardrobe to the next level!

    OK, now you don't have to mourn those jeans, or wish you could just throw on that hoodie. You can go to your closet, and have that perfect outfit for every adventure your summer holds! Take us with you! Check out our Facebook for what's new in our products to keep adding to that perfect summer wardrobe!

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