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With the threats of global warming, loss of resources, and damage to our ecosystem being prevalent and widely known, more and more people are going green. You’re recycling, walking to work, and buying organic. Living green is a lifestyle choice that allows you to contribute to improving your carbon footprint and the health of our environment. But with Bamboo and Wool (www.BambooAndWool.com), we take going green from the very beginning, and we do it in style. Wearing a pair of our sunglasses made with sustainable and biodegradable bamboo and wood will make both you and the environment look good!
Bamboo and Wool is committed to doing our part for the environment by aiming to reduce the negative impacts of man-made materials. We use only materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly, and ensure our products are 100% safe and allergy free. In a world that is overrun with “easy” or “cheap” options, you are limited in purchasing truly green products that will fit into your eco-friendly lifestyle. We strive to change that, and in an innovative way that not only fits into your lifestyle but also your style.
The many benefits of our bamboo sunglasses will open your eyes to many negatives of the alternative plastic and polycarbonate sunglasses, which you may not have previously known. For both, it all begins with its creation. Although the typical image of environmental damage looks like landfills or animals tangled in plastic, the manufacturing process also does its fair share in harming the environment. Bamboo grows plentifully and rapidly and is not actually a wood, but a woody grass. Therefore, it does not carry the same damage its plastic counterpart does. So we have got you covered for your eco-friendly products from the beginning to end.
But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the difference in plastic and bamboo manufacturing:
Plastic Manufacturing-
Plastic is one of the most prevalent materials used. You can find it in your kitchen, doctor’s office, or even on your face if you choose plastic sunglasses. It is also one of the most common materials used in single-use items that are quickly thrown away minutes after use. (Maybe including those plastic sunglasses that often break easily) But that plastic will endure. Plastic is not biodegradable, and will not break down for a long time. All that plastic disposed of will persist in landfills, and can even survive in our waters for thousands of years. Also living for all those years with the plastic is the harmful effects on the environment and human health. Plastic contains chemicals that have been shown to have harmful effects on humans, affecting hormones and more, are poison to wildlife and are disrupting our ecosystem and robbing our natural resources. And it all begins in manufacturing…
To create plastic, a chemical called Ethelyne has to be produced, which is only made from crude oil or other non-renewable resources. The process of turning the Ethelyne into plastic is very involved, requiring heating and cooling to certain temperatures and exact chemical reactions.
What all of that means for the environment is the abusive use of natural resources and the introduction of harmful and unwanted toxic chemicals into our air and water. And with the sheer amount of plastic manufactured every day, just think of how much resources could be conserved or used for things like generating electricity. This is all just the beginning, of course, but the myriad of environmental concerns that plastic produces will persist.
Bamboo Manufacturing-
Bamboo is one of the newest materials being looked at to replace other, more harmful materials being previously used. And with good reason. For all the negative impacts on the environment that plastic implicates, bamboo can demonstrate positive effects. From emitting more oxygen than a tree rather than toxic chemicals to regrowing by itself without replanting, and the positive effects on the soil it grows in, bamboo far outweighs its competitor in this arena. And since is biodegradable, and won’t contribute to a degradation of the environment for years to come. The difference of the manufacturing process will also prove otherwise.
Manufacturing bamboo into products, like our sunglasses, doesn’t require the immense use of natural resources and doesn’t involve toxic chemical reactions. The simplicity of its manufacturing deletes much of the negative impact. Very simply, the raw materials of bamboo and wood are designed and laser cut to fit specifications, assembled, then sanded and finished for ultimate comfort. That’s pretty much it. Coming from the purest of beginnings, bamboo sunglasses’ only lasting effects is the comfort and style you will enjoy!
As you can see, you are looking at the root of the problem. There are efforts to help fight the battle of plastic on our Earth through bottle collecting, recycling, or using less packaging. While these are great and do make a difference, we at Bamboo and Wool are going directly to the problem. The manufacturing of bamboo and wood products does not add to the damage and harm to the environment, and won’t have the same implications thousands of years down the road.
Since you truly believe in living as green as you possibly can, now you can contribute from the very conception. By purchasing bamboo sunglasses, you can know that you are not using up our renewable energy or contributing to toxic chemicals in our environment, and you can do it all while looking stylish! So check out the many looks our bamboo sunglasses, and wear them with pride, because with the bright future we are making, you’re gonna need shades!


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