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From flapper dresses and poodle skirts to acid washed jeans and crop tops, fashion has seen the tides of change and has evolved in aesthetics over history. In this ever-evolving industry, interests have always catered to the trends and themes of the times. But a new concept in the evolution of fashion has gained popularity and credence that caters to a much larger cause, the environment. 
The need for progress and innovation to conserve our natural resources and reduce the damage we inflict on the planet has directed energies into new avenues, and clothing and accessories are one of them. Exploration and refinement of using materials that are renewable and pose a far less risk to the environment, have created a new genre called sustainable fashion, and is causing our world to become "eco-chic".
You might be wondering, what exactly is "eco-chic?" 
The term eco-chic refers to a line of clothing or accessories that are ecologically conscious in the materials used and the manufacturing process to create their products, but with the important caveat that it is also stylish. It is a term that is now trending and has a bright future. But it wasn't always that simple. 
The concept of bamboo, and sustainable materials, in general, have penetrated the US market by way of building materials in furniture and household supplies, most notably in flooring. But the fashion industry was more complicated to bring this concept to life, particularly in the US. The renewable materials, bamboo, wood etc., seem to be a far cry from the "norm" of materials used in clothing like cotton, polyester etc. And convincing the public to follow a movement in an area that already had such established guidelines would require a different effort. So how was this important movement started? Sustainable fashion was created and made popular in the US over time through these important factors:

A Mindset shift~ 
People were used to buying their clothing based off of aesthetic appeal and comfort only. It was not an arena where the environment seemed to make much of an appearance. That is until the 70's when the "hippie" era began. Not only was free love abundant and world peace touted, but there was the first mental shift in how the population viewed and purchased clothing and accessories. The concept of better resources and recycling began influencing the creation of clothing and accessories.
Hemp started being used as material, which could be seen in bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories. Recycling clothing was introduced, as a pair of bell bottom jeans would be sewn from patches of other old clothing. And the big trend of tie dying, which encouraged coloring clothing with better, more natural resources. 
It was the first time clothing and the fashion industry intersected with environmental and sustainable forward-thinking ideas. Although on the right track, the plan was not executed well, and, unfortunately, the trend didn't catch on quite as much as hoped. 
The look of the clothing was not very appealing. Bright tie dye colors, psychedelic nature, and the patchwork "crafty" appeal was not for everyone and was lost out in the 80's and 90's for more trendy, appealing, and faster to produce clothing. But all was not lost, as the seed of change had been planted into people's minds. 
An Attention to the Details~
Unlike their "hippie" predecessors, companies today are creating sustainable fashion products that have streamlined the look and process of the movement. From using materials used are much better suited for the job, such as bamboo, which is a plentiful and incredibly green material that can create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. To examining the manufacturing process and construction to promote the best option in true sustainability and environmentally friendly products, the modern technology and sensibilities have changed the face of sustainable fashion. 
An Influence~
Now that eco-friendly options have been created that could stand the test of time and demand, the word needed to get out. As major companies began promoting better ethical standards like Nike, H&M, and Espirit, and major players like Stella McCartney infusing an eco-conscience into their high-end clothing lines, the idea of sustainable fashion began to become mainstream. 
The evolution of this concept in the world of fashion has allowed the average consumer to have the option to participate in a green lifestyle in a new way. Now you can integrate your appearance into your efforts to protect our resources and reduce your carbon footprint, and you can look good doing it! 
At Bamboo and Wool, we believe in exactly this and we can also help you to answer that burning question. You can purchase our sustainable products exclusively online, with plans for major retailers in the US in the future. By buying our bamboo and wood sunglasses and watches, you will help protect the environment, look incredibly stylish, and undoubtedly be able to answer the question, "Are you Eco-Chic?" with a resounding yes! Courtesy of www.BambooAndWool.com


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