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How well do you really know plastic? Plastic is like a bad relationship; it seems great in the beginning, but then you see their true colors and realize the unhealthiness. And just like any toxic relationship, it can be difficult to get out of it. Even though you might feel like you need plastic and cannot live without it, getting out of that relationship is one of the best things you could do.
But it's not you, it's plastic. And it's time to officially break up.
Making that decision is sometimes easier if you have facts, and, in this case, there are many. For example, you have heard how plastic is not biodegradable, but did you know it emits toxic chemicals during its manufacturing process? It's true, and that's just the beginning. Here are 5 shocking statistics that will make up your mind once and for all about plastic:
It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade. That means that everything plastic ever made has not degraded yet! Let that sink in for a minute. And once is does begin to degrade, it is not biodegradable, but photodegradable. That means that it doesn’t decompose, but, rather, breaks into smaller pieces of itself that then remains in the soil or water.
When plastics escape from landfills through wind or water, they leak countless chemicals into our soils, streams, rivers, and oceans. From there, those chemicals wind up in animals, our food, and in our bodies.
Plastic bag manufacturers sometimes add chicken fat to the exterior of plastic bags to make them more slippery. First, gross! Also, that is an infringement on vegetarians rights and a potentially unsanitary situation.
Plastic bags are produced using petroleum and natural gas. These are our natural resources that are being wasted in vast amounts just for the production of plastic. And mostly for plastic products that are not necessary like plastic bags or disposable water bottles.
Plastic waste can travel large distances over air and sea. Canadian plastic shopping bags are found as far as Scotland. This just shows why this problem is of such epic proportions. Every piece of plastic can be a global problem.
Now, just like relationships, not all plastic is bad. Some like cases of medical needs etc. It's necessary. But other associations like disposable water bottles, silverware, and plastic bags are not, and it's time to kick them to the curb. You can use your own bags when you go shopping, try to only use plastic water bottles and silverware in necessary situations, and search for products that use environmentally friendly materials. It's time to move on and break up with plastic! Share some of the ways you have broken up with plastic in comments below! And make sure you follow us on Facebook to check out all our environmentally friendly products! 


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