• A SustainABLE Reality?

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    Breaking Down Sustainable Living

    Of course, if asked, anyone would want to be environmentally friendly, and contribute to a more sustainable earth. No one is intentionally trashing our planet, or hoping to kill species of animals. So why isn't this more of a reality? What's holding us back? Sustainability and a green lifestyle is hampered by the lack of products and materials being offered on an attainable level for the average consumer. Therefore, even if the desire is there to contribute to bettering our environment, it just isn't a realistic option. And here's why...

    The majority of ideas of going green or converting to sustainable materials come to us commoners as a lofty idea of saving our planet and ending global warming. But without a grounded, down-to-earth reality check, they will stay just that; really great concepts with no practical application on the ground level. In the spirit of being realistic, to put it into the plain language it looks like this:

    In order for sustainability to truly function, this graph by John Dreo demonstrates this perfectly. There are 3 pillars that need to be addressed properly: Social, Environment, and Economics. Now, see the points where all 3 intersect? Obviously being sustainable is the goal so it's smack in the middle of the three. The other intersections are the necessary objectives for the center (sustainability) to be achieved. Unfortunately, that's also where it falls down, and why it's not completely realistic for the average person to lead a more green lifestyle. Let's break this down:


    Basically, there have to be options for our environment that have sustainability through renewable resources and processes. But they have to also be both economically affordable and within the realm of typical social constructs. For example, renewable energy for your house, such as solar, is an excellent option for you to contribute a more sustainable future. However, that option is much more expensive than traditional options, and for most, is just too much to be considered. Or, some products that are made from sustainable materials like bamboo are not within stylistic ideals, practicality, or comfort that consumers are going to buy and are still much more expensive as well. This is where the 3 pillars are not intersecting, and, therefore, not allowing a more green lifestyle and sustainability to be more accessible on a personal level.

    So, there are certainly ways to live greener through recycling, responsible water use etc. But when it comes to more sustainable options, they might not be as easy to achieve. Hopefully, as time goes on and advances are made, these options are more readily accessible. For now, keep an eye out for products that do fit realistically into your life and budget.

    At Bamboo and, we aim to create sustainABLE products that are made from renewable bamboo and wood, that still check off the boxes of style, comfort, and practicality while being affordable. We lie right in the intersection at the heart of sustainability, and want to bring it to you! Make sure to subscribe to our blog for other style, environment, and lifestyle tips!


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  • 5 shocking plastic statistics that will make you break up with plastic.

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    How well do you really know plastic? Plastic is like a bad relationship; it seems great in the beginning, but then you see their true colors and realize the unhealthiness. And just like any toxic relationship, it can be difficult to get out of it. Even though you might feel like you need plastic and cannot live without it, getting out of that relationship is one of the best things you could do.
    But it's not you, it's plastic. And it's time to officially break up.
    Making that decision is sometimes easier if you have facts, and, in this case, there are many. For example, you have heard how plastic is not biodegradable, but did you know it emits toxic chemicals during its manufacturing process? It's true, and that's just the beginning. Here are 5 shocking statistics that will make up your mind once and for all about plastic:
    It takes 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade. That means that everything plastic ever made has not degraded yet! Let that sink in for a minute. And once is does begin to degrade, it is not biodegradable, but photodegradable. That means that it doesn’t decompose, but, rather, breaks into smaller pieces of itself that then remains in the soil or water.
    When plastics escape from landfills through wind or water, they leak countless chemicals into our soils, streams, rivers, and oceans. From there, those chemicals wind up in animals, our food, and in our bodies.
    Plastic bag manufacturers sometimes add chicken fat to the exterior of plastic bags to make them more slippery. First, gross! Also, that is an infringement on vegetarians rights and a potentially unsanitary situation.
    Plastic bags are produced using petroleum and natural gas. These are our natural resources that are being wasted in vast amounts just for the production of plastic. And mostly for plastic products that are not necessary like plastic bags or disposable water bottles.
    Plastic waste can travel large distances over air and sea. Canadian plastic shopping bags are found as far as Scotland. This just shows why this problem is of such epic proportions. Every piece of plastic can be a global problem.
    Now, just like relationships, not all plastic is bad. Some like cases of medical needs etc. It's necessary. But other associations like disposable water bottles, silverware, and plastic bags are not, and it's time to kick them to the curb. You can use your own bags when you go shopping, try to only use plastic water bottles and silverware in necessary situations, and search for products that use environmentally friendly materials. It's time to move on and break up with plastic! Share some of the ways you have broken up with plastic in comments below! And make sure you follow us on Facebook to check out all our environmentally friendly products! 

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  • 5 Must-try Activities For This Summer

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    You already think of hot weather, maybe a vacation, and kids out of school, but this summer, let's do something new! Don't look longingly at others social media who appear to be doing much more exciting things than you while yours features the same 'feet by the pool' pic as last year. Listen, you don't have to travel to exotic locations to make an unforgettable summer, you just gotta push past all the typical ideas and try something new! Since is all about innovative ideas for going green and fashion with our bamboo and wood sunglasses, we know how to push past the norm! So grab your sunglasses, head outside, and check out our 5 must-try activities for this summer! 

    DIY Backyard Movie Screen - There's something magical about being able to watch a movie or tv outside, and enjoy a warm summer night. And guess what? You don't have to be rich and have an expensive set-up in your backyard to make this happen! You just need a few easy supplies and a projector, and Voila! Movie time! 

    Geocache- You're never too old for a real live treasure hunt, and that's pretty much exactly what this is. It's an app that leads you to navigate specific GPS coordinates to search for your geocache (hidden treasure). For a different outdoor activity, get a group of people together, or maybe assemble two teams, and see who can find the most cache!

    Early Morning Stretch- Before you laugh this one off or skip reading this one altogether (you know you were considering it) don't! One of the best parts of summer is the early morning. It's crisp, fresh smell and feel is amazing, and all too often not taken advantage of. Doing early morning stretch outdoors not only let's you breathe that freshness in, but it's good for your body and a great way to start your day! You can probably find a group that does stretch in a park near you, or learn the basics from a video, grab a mat, and head outside!

    Murder Mystery Dinner Party- Summer is the best time to get together with friends. The weather is warm, everyone is more relaxed, and that spells a good time! But switch up the usual BBQ, and throw a murder mystery dinner party! You can purchase an already written murder mystery dinner instructions online or at a local board game store. Between coming dressed in costume and the play of 'who dunnit" it will create unique and lasting memories this summer! 

    Ziplining- If you're not an 'adrenaline junkie' but still want to experience that crazy activity this summer, go ziplining! You can get that rush of adrenaline and a bucket list activity without having to jump out of a plane. This is a perfect in-between option! 

    So remember, this is your summer! Don't let yourself get stuck in a rut; just get a fresh perspective and try some different experiences. Pretty soon, you will have the social media everyone is envious of! Make sure you subscribe to our blog for more upcoming ideas!

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  • 7 Fun facts about bamboo.

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    Fact 1-  Did you know...Bamboo grows 1.5" an hour?

    Fact 2- Did you know...Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and emits 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere than its tree equivalent?

    Fact 3- Did you know... Bamboo prevents soil erosion?

    Fact 4- Did you know... Bamboo doesn't need any pesticides or other chemicals, or fertilizer to grow?

    Fact 5- Did you know... Every part of bamboo can be used, so there is zero waste?

    Fact 6- Did you know... The use of bamboo is an important part of developing economies?

    Fact 7- Did you know... Bamboo is actually a woody grass, not a tree?

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  • What is Bamboo and Wool?

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    From waking up to freshly fallen snow on Pikes Peak or staring up at the awesome prowess of Garden of the Gods, living in Colorado we can't help but be inspired by the sheer beauty that is the nature surrounding us. And we want to give back to it. We believe in creating a better, more sustainable product that considers the consequences. We are looking into the future, and, if we do say so ourselves, we look good doing it. is a US veteran owned and operated company out of Colorado Springs, CO that is fighting the man-made, artificial, cancerous, and chemically harmful materials and products that are crowding the market today with our natural, eco-friendly bamboo and wood sunglasses and watches.

    Our products include men and women’s bamboo, redwood, sandalwood, skateboard wood, and walnut wood sunglasses, and watches. But just because we focus on offering a better alternative for the environment, we haven't forgotten the style. With many different stylish options, we guarantee we have what will look best on you and our world!

    We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, and through hard work, determination, and with the loyalty of our customers, has become one of the most successful and trusted bamboo and wood sunglasses and watches providers. Our promise to you is to provide sustainable, allergy-free and eco-friendly items, and to ensure consumers are getting a 100% safe and natural product every time with the most helpful customer service available. So come join us in putting the style in a green lifestyle!

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